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We offer PC Support Services to individuals as well as businesses. We are always available to address any issue having to do with computer failure no matter how small or large the job may be and we always beat our competitions' prices! Our "Per Minute" billing showcases our commitment to offer practical solutions to our customers as does our free site visits within Belize City for customers who are unable to come in to our office. Try our "Online Support Request" feature available on 24/7, just one of the innovative services we offer that sets Intelligent Solutions above the competition!

Price Listing

Diagnosis Fee: $25.00, This has to be paid when equipment is dropped off.
  • Restoration/Data Recovery $75.00 + GST
  • Antivirus $40.00 + GST
  • Virus Scan $1.50/per min.
  • Screen Replacement $45.00 + GST
  • Windows 7 $90.00 + GST
  • Windows 8 $90.00 + GST
  • Windows 10 $125.00 + GST
Note: Installation of computers will only be bare. The prices above are only for Windows Operating System, Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox/Google Chrome.
Microsoft Office Installations
  • Office 2007 $25.00 + GST
  • Office 2010 $60.00 + GST
  • Office 2013 $90.00 + GST
Quickbooks Installations
  • Quickbooks 2011 $180.00 + GST
  • Quickbooks 2012 $200.00 + GST
  • Quickbooks 2013 $220.00 + GST
  • Quickbooks 2014 $240.00 + GST
  • Quickbooks 2015 $250.00 + GST
Adobe Creative Suite Installations
  • Adobe CS3 $50.00 + GST
  • Adobe CS4 $100.00 + GST
  • Adobe CS5 $150.00 + GST
  • Adobe CS6 $200.00 + GST
Adobe Acrobat Pro Installations
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 $50.00 + GST
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 10 $75.00 + GST
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 $90.00 + GST

Hardware Procurement

Intelligent Solutions currently offers hardware procurement services to our clients to provide them with the level of expertise in purchasing necessary in today's market in which there are so many variations of similar technologies being aggressively marketed by vendors. To avoid purchasing unnecessary technology which may not be required and which may impact negatively on finance and budget constraints our clients are afforded the option to request our services to procure necessary hardware on their behalf. This service carries a small mark up to cover our unavoidable expenses in providing the service but is not intended to provide a profit for us.

This service is optional for our clients who are also welcome to purchase the recommended hardware directly from vendors as per their preference. We offer this service to ensure our clients that they will be purchasing the required technology, at the most reasonable prices without the hassle of them trying to shop around to locate the best deals, oftentimes not really sure of what they are required to purchase in the first place. Intelligent Solutions commits to walking the extra mile with our clients to ensure that we deliver a Practical... Innovative... Intelligent Solution every time!


As management finds itself continuously in need of more precisely accurate and expeditious information in order to support their ever evolving marketing strategies in their quest to gain market share, the need for centralized and reliable data collection and reporting becomes increasingly more demanding. ISL offers the following full range of networking services in support of this growing demand:

  • Network Architecture Consultancy
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Network Maintenance and Support
  • Network Management
  • Network Security Implementation

Included in our generalized Preventive Maintenance Plan is an optional Network Maintenance section intended to provide our clients with the option to maintain an optimized and efficient network infrastructure to minimize network downtime and increase office productivity and efficiency. Our Network Management and Support Plans are designed specifically to provide access to network administration expertise to businesses at a much lower cost than hiring a network administrator on staff.

Intelligent Solutions recognizes the inevitable attraction to innovative technology due to convenience and simplicity and with this in mind offers its Wireless LAN/WAN and Ethernet Telephony services. In addition to a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing solution than cumbersome cabling, wireless technology minimizes maintenance cost to a fraction of the cost of hard wired networks. With telecommunications services worldwide switching at an amazing pace to Voice Over IP telephony communications both due to cheaper operating costs as well as increased efficiency and enhanced services and products, our Ethernet Telephony services offer our clients a more practical solution to standard voice communications and better use of existing network infrastructure. As a regulated service under the control of the PUC, Intelligent Solutions guarantees its clients that all services utilizing regulated frequencies are provided within the confines and in adherence to all prescribed policies and regulations of Belizean Law.

Intelligent Solutions is structured as any full Information Technology Department and as such provides the perfect outsourcing option for business that are not large enough to justify employing an entire IT Department!

IT Consultancy

As a first step in any organization's decision to automate and increase efficiency by use of information technology, the services of an IT consultant is almost unavoidable if the required level of research and analysis is to be conducted to ensure the best informed decisions are made in the implementation of IT processes.

As a first step in any organization's decision to automate and increase efficiency by use of information technology, the services of an IT consultant is almost unavoidable if the required level of research and analysis is to be conducted to ensure the best informed decisions are made in the implementation of IT processes.

ISL offers such consultancy services that involve deep discussions with key members of your organization to familiarize ourselves with the daily processes of your organization in order for us to make the most appropriate recommendations for automation based on the needs of your organization, taking into account the resources at your disposal to accommodate automation. We will offer several different options for IT implementation, from which you are able to choose based on goal priorities and budget allowances. From this first service offered, ISL is also capable of providing other services in support of our recommendations, thereby providing a complete solution from start to finish. If ISL is contracted to continue with implementation of recommendations, 25% of the consultancy costs will be discounted from the cost to implement the recommendations. ISL will most likely be the only company capable of providing the services to implement as a single project since we offer the most complete range of IT Services in Belize!

Preventive Maintenance

Intelligent Solutions offers the following Preventive Maintenance Plans to our clients as partners in an effort to avoid system failure and loss of revenue while at the same time increasing efficiency and productivity, a total solution for your IT needs:

Preventive Maintenance Rates
Plans Sessions/Yr Diagnostics Hr/Rate Disc .
Basic 1 Standard 5%
Standard 2 Standard 10%
Premium 3 Standard + Networking 15%
Ultra 4 Standard + Networking 20%
Plan costs vary depending on network size (# of PCs, Laptops & Servers)
  • Basic Plan

    Annual cleaning, frequency of 1 session per year, includes Standard PM Services only.

  • Standard Plan

    Bi-annual cleaning, frequency of 2 sessions per year, includes Standard PM Services only

  • Premium Plan

    Tri-annual cleaning, frequency of 3 sessions per year, includes Standard PM Services + Networking Options.

  • Ultra Plan

    Quarterly cleaning, frequency of 4 sessions per year, includes Standard PM Services + Networking Options.

Preventive Maintenance Estimator

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Visits per year:
  • Basic - 1/year
  • Standard - 2/year
  • Premium - 3/year
  • Ultra - 4/year

Cost Summary

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** All prices exclusive of GST and other applicable taxes.

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